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All the equipment used in Action Valley has been designed specifically for this type of activity. Action Valley has a record of 100,000 jumps since 1996. It was also the winner in 2002 to the prize that was awarded by DIRCETUR (Regional Office of Foreign Trade and Tourism) as Tourism Investment Initiative.

Our equipment is imported and the last generation. below the brands: Petzl, Montic, Mountain Gear, Hauk.


 We have:

Prepared staff in rescue operations and first aid by the red cross.

Staff with more than 10 years of experience.

More than 100,000 jumps made with 0 accidents.

Bungee Jumping system specially designed for this activity.

Recommended by: Loney Planet, Lets Go, Rough Guide, Peru Guide.



Cord Dimensions:

Small / 88-132 lb. (40-60 kg.)

Medium / 134-176 lb. (61-80 kg)

Large / 178-220 lb. (81-100 kg.)

X-Large / 223-264 lb. (101-120 kg.)



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